Nadežda Kinsky Müngersdorff
Chartered Linguist
BSc, MA, MA, DiplTrans IOL

Translations & Editing

Webgasse 44/11
1060 Wien


Experience and Clients

I have worked with languages and text since 1994: In this time, I have proofread and edited English-language texts and publications, taught English to children and adults (including business clients) and translated texts from German to English as well as writing, presenting and publishing journalistic and academic pieces, being awarded several research and writing positions and scholarships throughout my academic career.

Beyond my work in languages I pursued an academic career, following my interest in contemporary history and social sciences, in particular matters of identity, language and nationhood. I gained a BSc in International History from the London School of Economics and Political Science, an MA in History of Nationalities at Boston University and an MA in Nationalism Studies at the Central European University, being awarded a distinction for my final theses at each of the institutions. Following the birth of my children in 2007 and 2009, I interrupted my PhD studies at the University of Vienna and have decided to dedicate myself fully to working in editing and translation.

I now use the experience gained in academia for my translation and editing work, specializing particularly on academic writing (humanities and social sciences as well as natural sciences). Moreover, I have strongly expanded my focus on the arts, art history and culture, including noteworthy international museums and auction houses among my clients. I am more than happy to conduct in-depth research on any topic and style of text I work with. I was awarded a "merit" for each of the three sections (General, Social Science, Technology) of the Chartered Institute of Linguists' Diploma in Translation, which I gained in 2013. I have been a certified Chartered Linguist since 2021.

My recent clients have included: