Nadežda Kinsky Müngersdorff
Chartered Linguist
BSc, MA, MA, DiplTrans IOL

Translations & Editing

Webgasse 44/11
1060 Wien



Please contact me as soon as possible if you would like to have your text translated or edited. This will be helpful in order to be able to plan your job in advance even if you have not yet got the finished text; particularly so if you are working towards a tight deadline. When contacting me, please indicate the text type and length, purpose of the translation/text and deadline, preferably attaching the text if it is already available. I will respond asap within my business hours (Mo-Fri 9am-3pm), letting you know a cost estimate and timeline. My price policy follows the Austrian IG Übersetzerinnen Übersetzer Guidelines.

I may ask you to provide key information in order to be able to work to the highest standard, such as: Who is your target audience, will the text be published, is it for written word or oral presentation, do you prefer the use of British or American English? You may have reference materials and glossaries that are relevant to your specific text (e.g., concerning any special terminology you or your company keep to); these would be helpful to me. In order to provide you with the best possible service, I may get back to you with questions on the text, language and style preference as well as potential corrections of your German text: My close work on the text enables me to pick up on any uncertainties or errors in the original, which I am of course happy to report back to you.

You can rely on the highest standards of confidentiality regarding your text and trust in my utmost reliability and professionalism.